Washington’s Birthday – Do Students Know?

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George Wathington Birthday

George Wathington Birthday

Marqeutte, MIFebruary 23, 2014 – Yesterday Was George Washington’s Birthday – Rembmer Him?

 As I did on Lincoln’s Birthday, I want to remind people (especially teachers & students) that our history is important… and that “history” is what happened… not the spin some choose to retell.  Washington was “commander-in-chief” of the continental army during our war for independence, and (once we formed a constitution was adopted, he became our first president of the republic in 1789.

If you know we declared independence in 1776, and that Washington was not the first president until 1789, do you ask the question: “Who was in charge between those dates?”  I dream of a day when we teachers help their students look for those questions, rather than teach dates & events only.  The continental Congress and later the Confederation Congress always had a duly elected president.  I don’t say that to diminish this great man (as many teachers & media activists do today).  I only mention this to point out how much we don’t know.  let’s work on that!  There were several, and here is one article  onthe topic.

 As with Lincoln’s Birthday, I ask all who read this to take a few minutes (since you’re already at your computer) and read something about the Man, without whom we would likely not be a nation.  It wasn’t only his actions as general, but the force of his personality that united a people into what would become (at least for a time) the greatest nation on earth.  Search any topic you like, but try to learn something new today -and every day.  That will keep your mind young & vibrant.

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