E-Cigarettes Under Attack -Arguments Up In Smoke!

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e cigMarquette, MI February 28, 2014 – There’s No Pleasing Liberal Nuts

Fulfilling the old adage that “you just can’t please some people”… those who successfully fought the war on cigarettes have found yet another target for their crazy religion.  E-Cigarettes, which deliver nicotine via water vapor are now under attack by democrat senators who think it is fine to actually SMOKE pot and use GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED CLEAN NEEDLES to take drugs… but object to electronic cigarettes.

Could it be that the lack of heavy taxes on the E-cigarette motivates them?  Probably… but requests to have the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) take control over the item is a good first step to justifying a confiscatory tax.  Forget that the E-cig has helped many people stop smoking.  The reason you have to forget that is because manufacturers can’t say that without going through a lot of extra government red tape.. so you have to let your common sense take root.

So… to summarize… Smoking Bad – Pot Smoking Good… Drugs Bad – Government provided needles to take drugs Good… smoking alternative that Look like smoking Bad – Government control of you Good.It must be fun to be a liberal, never having to think about the things you say or face the consequences of your actions.  Unless of course you’re trying to quit smoking.

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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