Oscar Night enjoyed by “Some”

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Marquette, MIMarch 3, 2014 – Mixed Reviews on Oscar Night

Ellen Degeneres Oscar Pic

Ellen selfe at the Oscars

Ellen Degeneres Hosted a rather mild Oscar Night – which was enjoyed by some – including me!  There are complaints that it wasn’t glamorous enough by some people, but I liked Ellen’s home-spun interaction with the crowd.  There were no big production pieces outside the dance numbers.  she ordered pizza, took a few “selfies” and gave members of the academy a chance to show that they are just folks – most with a good sense of humor.

I had stopped watching the show for a few years because it had become too political… a 3-hour saga alternating  between self-adulation and liberal political punditry.  My first venture back was  a good one.  Most of the speeches were gracious and Matthew Mcconaughey even thanked God and pointed to him as the souce of the good fortune in his life.  A Far cry from the Oscars that drove me away a few years ago.

by the way… do you know what keeps those strapless dresses up? …  City Ordinances!

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