What’s the Matter With Kids Today?

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teen sues parents

teen sues parenst for tuition

Marquette, MIMarch 5,2014 – Parents have complained about kids since Adam & Eve – With Good Reason

Long before the song became popular in the musical Bye Bye Birdie… parents have seen their children grow up, grow loud, and grow out of control.  Such is the case with a New Jersey teen who is suing her parents for high school tuition, and living expenses of $650 per week (a lot of money for staying at a friend’s house).

 The honor student took a turn for the worse after finding her most recent boyfriend – according to her parents.  She was stripped of her “captainship” of the Lacrosse team, her role in a campus ministry program, and has been suspended from school twice.  She moved out (or was kicked out depending on who you believe) because she wouldn’t do chores, follow curfew and break up with the boyfriend her parents blame for much of the newly bad behavior.

The student (financed by the father of a friend) is suing for High School tuition at her private school, living expenses, and also for the college fund her parents have set aside for her school.  What this kid -and many others don’t get is this… Your parents aren’t OBLIGATED to give you what you want.  They ARE obligated to care for you and help you become a responsible adult. But ultimately, what you become is up to you.  I hope all kids watching choose not to be the whiny spoiled child this girl appears to be. 

Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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  1. As parents, we actually are called to raise up a child in the way they should go…. That’s means many things to me living here in Michigan. Demonstrate respect daily, get up and work and pitch in, learn to cut, split and stack wood. Learn to jump in and stack 450 bales of hay. Learn to lend a hand and grab the push broom. And learn to stop before you eat, bow your head, and take time to thank God for the day, for a good mind, for opportunity, and forgiveness of those wrongs that have been done. Now that’s raising Annie up right. This appears this kid you are talking about, missed 75% of those lessons.

    todd noordyk
    March 6, 2014 at 8:16 pm

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