Cry me a River Ukrainians (Crimea – get it?)

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Crimean peninsula

Ukraine Crimean Peninsula

Marquette, MIMarch 6, 2014 Why Am I Defending Hillary Clinton?

I don’t like having to defend someone I don’t like from other people I don’t like… but at times I must.  Putin’s move into the Crimean peninsula under the guise of creating stability is very similar to what Hitler did in the 1930’s and what Rome did at the peak of its empire.  Clinton made a similar statement this week.  She was correct; but liberals who support her are afraid the statement may hurt her.

They may be right.  If liberals find out that Clinton actually knows what she’s talking about, they may pull her “liberal” credentials.  It would be a shame if being correct cost her the “non-thinking” block of the democrat party – they are a major player in the party and not to be trifled with!  And as much as I am not a fan of Mrs. Clinton… she does evoke more fear and respect than  the current occupant of the white house… although he does look better in “mom jeans”.

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