Democrat Racists at it again

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Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza Rice

Marquette, MI March 7, 2014 – Liberals Must Hate Condoleeza Because She’s Black

That IS the ONLY answer for criticizing someone of color (according to the left).  It has been standard policy since the election of King Barry the First to simply cry racism when criticism of a black person is stated.  This week the racists at Rutgers University urged the institution to rescind its invitation for Condoleeza Rice to speak at commencement ceremonies.  They claim it’s because she worked for GW Bush, but we all know their real reason – RACISM.

At first glance, one may think it is because she is conservative.  She is a successful woman of color, who worked her way up from very humble beginnings to the highest levels of government and higher education – or as liberals say… a “traitor to her race”  Liberal speakers have been praised by the professors and students at many universities – and yet, Ms Rice is condemned – It’s gotta be racists on campus.  The only way these tenured embarrassments tolerate a person of color is if they tow the liberal line – sad.

This may be a good time to revisit the song “Black & White” from the Show ‘In The Right Mind”

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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