Governor Snyder Invented Potholes?

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Snyder Invented Potholes

Dems Blame Snyder for Potholes

Marquette, Mi March 11, 2014 – Add Inventor to Governor Rick Snyder’s Resume

To listen to Michigan Democrats (and I don’t know why anyone would) potholes are a brand new problem caused by Governor Snyder taking money meant for roads and giving it to evil CEO’s.  Yes, the latest ridiculous claim by Democrat Party leaders is that “Snyderholes” are caused by republicans. They even have a web site especially designed for the dimwitted among us –

The false claim that a “1.8 billion dollar giveaway to corporations & CEO’s” is a predictable retread o typical democrat arguments. To listen to these dems, there were no potholes when Governor Granholm was in office. Roads were smooth as glass paved with pixie dust.  Someone in their right mind might ask: “if the roads have fallen apart in the time snyder has been governor, what does that say about the people in charge when the roads were built?” Or a clear thinking person may ask… “If pot holes are caused by giving road money to people who don’t deserve it… who was granholm giving the money to?”

Democrat leaders are NOT dumb enough to believe what they are saying… but they clearly think their supporters are… Time will tell if they are right about that.




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