Welfare Reform… Good or Bad?

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Michigan Capital Building

Michigan Capital Building

Marquette, MI March 12, 2014 – Changes are well intentioned, but are they good?

Some big changes are taking place in Michigan’s Welfare System.

Senate bill 276 will require welfare recipients who are not in a work or training program to perform community service. Many people think this is a good thing, that those who receive benefits should either be in a training program so they CAN find work, or be in a work program.. and if they aren’t doing either of those things, performing community service seems logical. Others are concerned that there are people that have legitimate reasons why they cannot. Generally… I think the person giving the money has the right to attach strings to that money.

Senate bill 841 increases the penalty for fraudulently using bridge cards. Penalties can now be as high as 20 years for misuse of the cards. Again… I’m not a big fan of more government… but fraud hurts those who actually do need assistance, so a long as a little kid doesn’t go to jail for buying a twinkie, I’m OK with the change. There are also bill introduced that would create a quasi-police force, giving dept. of Human Services workers the same authority a police. Generally, giving “non-police” folks the power of police is bad – in my opinion. No matter how well intentioned.

Some say it is wrong to require anything of those who receive benefits. I believe it makes sense to require something of those who receive assistance. You could consider it a sort of Job. What do YOU think? Leave a comment… and don’t forget to ask your friends to “friend” facbook/intherightmindmqt

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