Spoiled Teen Returns Home to the Parents She Sued

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teen sued parents

teen sued parents for tuition & support

Marquette, MI – March 12, 2014 – Teen Who Sued Parents is Back Home

 Some may call this a happy ending to a rather odd story. Just last week I praised the judge who denied the girls demand for $650 in weekly child support as she stayed at a friends house. (That must have been some party they put on for her that it cost that much to have her around).

 Now she’s back with her parents… the same parents she called abusive last week. I guess if you’re a spoiled teen, parents who ask you to clean your room and be home on time can seem abusive. Lost in this mess is the father of her friend – who was funding this mess. I can’t help but wonder if the girl’s move back home had anything to do with his realization that he wouldn’t get any of that $650.

 Well, the girl is back home now, and fences are being mended (I wonder if that’s one of her chores?).  A message to parents… stick to your rules… be firm, be loving, be strong… we DON’T need another generation of spoiled kids turning into spoiled adults we must care for.


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