Transparency Needed In Teacher Negotiations

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UPEA Negotiation

Meeting from teacher District Meeting in Marquette

Marquette, MI March 14, 2014 – Teachers are Frustrated?  So is the Public!

 Negotiations between Marquette Area Teachers and the district have often been contentious – and this round is no worse than others in the past. Do you ever wonder why we “can’t all just get along”?  Even as news articles try to bring information to the public, that information seems intentionaly cloaked in mystery Nobody I know is disparaging teachers, but many of them feel disrespected. Nobody I know feels teachers as a whole are overpaid, yet many teachers believe that’s how we feel. Why the disconnect?

 Perhaps it is because the details of contracts and how teachers are paid is so hard to find. Thanks to the internet, I was able to finally find a copy of an old contract to see what all the steps and lanes mean in real dollars. Why is this information not more visible? If all the information was more readily available, these contract would likely be completed in a week. It would be harder for people to make accusations against the other side.

 Instead, we get posturing from very highly paid union leaders, who make statements like “They’re not being fair” without explaining what isn’t fair. My solution is simple… the school should start with the budget and say this to the teachers… here’s the money… what would you do? That at least would get both sides focused on a solution. That would be preferable to the attitude of “you make an offer and I’ll tell you what I don’t like about it”.

 One thing is certain… teaching is a tough job, and under today’s rules, many of us would not and COULD not do it. But… the union leadership must try to be part of the solution and do more than just say “that’s not good enough”

 Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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