No Emergency Here! But Help Is On The Way!

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freezing water pipes

thawing frozen pipes

Marquette, MIMach 18, 2014 – Hearty U.P. Residents Don’t Need Emergency Declaration

Marquette County Officials asked Governor Snyder to declare a State of Emergency for  the county due to the hundreds of residents with frozen water pipes.  They also asked for public works personnel and equipment to help thaw the frozen pipes.  The help is on the way, but without the declared State of Emergency (which opens the door to emergency funds).  A State of Emergency is generally declared when there is an immediate threat to Health or Safety; and the Governor does not believe that is the case in this instance.  The county is urged to request help from other statewide communities through the State Police.

I am still waiting for an answer to this question… If the Governor had granted the county’s request, would there have been any cost to the help received, and without the  declaration, will there be a cost to the county?  I don’t like to assume anything… but it appears that the declaration simply addresses where the money will come from… and in this case it will probably be Marquette County.

U.P. residents are tough… and we also help our neighbors in need.. perhaps the Governor is right… but if you’re on without water… you probably believe it IS an emergency!

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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