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Bottle of Wine

Bottle of Wine

Marquette, Mi – March 19,2014 – Should You Be Allowed To Bring Your Own Wine To A Restaurant?

At first glace, thie question seems a little nutty.  When you go to a restaurant, you can’t bring your own sandwich for one person in your group… and with the possible exception of a birthday cake, you can’t bring your own dessert… so why should you be allowed to bring your own bottle of wine?  And if it’ OK for wine why not for Beer or even pop?  The reason is simple, it’s because restaurants are in business to provide a service and make money doing it.  they choose the product line that makes that more likely.

WhenI first heard about this new law it struck me as odd.  After reading the law itself, and the reason it was made law, it makes more sense to me, but there is a lot of room for differing opnion on this one.  If someone wants to create a special dinner, and wants a “special” bottle from their own wine cellar to mark the event, it was against the law to bring it into any establishment.   So if you want to propose to your gal (or guy) with a bottle your grandpa made during prohibition… you can ask the restaurant owner if it’s okay… and with permission, they can uncork the bottle for you.

The intent is not to allow cheapskates to bring in their $2 bottle of “ripple”, but to allow the $1,000 bottle the owner may not have access to.  But there are many questions: although the bar owner has to give his permission… since he is not serving, is he still responsible for the liability?  Can he avoid that with or without a corking fee?  On the plus side… the same owner could keep the license and NOT stock the wine cellar… as clients “bring their own” the corking fee is clear profit with no need to spend money on inventory.

I fear this law is like too many of our laws… solving a problem created by past laws, by creating a new law with brand new problems.  Don’t you with the government would just leave us alone and let business owners run their business as they think best?  This law has that intent, we’ll see if it has that effect.

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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