An Un-Levin’d Senate

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Carl Levin

Carl Levin

Marquette, MI March 21, 2014 – Senator Carl Levin In Marquette – Farewell Tour!

Michigan’s Senior Senator Speaks to Students Saying “So-Long” to day at the Reynolds Recital Hall on Northern Michigan’ Campus.  The title of his talk is “Public Service – The Heart of Democracy.  Over the years I’ve been critical of Senator Levin, although I must admit… in my very first election I voted for him – so I guess I’m partially responsible for the damage he’s caused.

When Levin first announced his retirement, I began looking at his voting record, and was very disappointed that I couldn’t find votes that were NOT part of the simple party-line.  Of course being a loyal democrat and placing party over the state you represent is not uncommon in today’s political world, it’s just sad.  My disappointment in Levin reached its pinnacle during the debate on County Road 595.  Although he did send a letter of support, he was uniquely positioned to put pressure on the EPA to follow its own rules, instead of making things up as they continued to throw (pardon the pun) “roadblocks” in the way.

Still the position deserves respect and the fact that he has held the seat since 1979 means he will have some interesting things to say…. so I’ll be listening.

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