Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense

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Zero Tolerance

Zero Telerance makes no sense

Marquette, MiMarch 21, 2014 – School Teen Suspended For Doing the Right Thing!

A Virginia Beach Middle School student took a razor blade away from another student because he was using it to cut himself. She threw the blade away and told school officials.  In Anybody’s Right Mind this action should be praised  and the good samaritan should be rewarded.  Not in today’s politically nutty world of “zero tolerance”. The 6th grade girl was suspended for 10 days, and recommended for expulsion for violating the “zero tolerance” rule.

Those of us on the right know liberal zero tolerance usually refers to their attitude for anything they disagree with… but this brand of zero tolerance makes zero sense – even to the nutty left (or at least most of them).  Making matters worse (if that’s possible) the school administration & board wouldn’t even return phone calls from the parent until the story hit the news!  This seems to make it clear they knew they were wrong, but hoped no one would find out.

Last week I saw the story of a high school student who was suspended because a fishing knife was in the trunk of his car (yes, he had been fishing with his dad the previous day).  We’ve all heard the stories of nutty rules being enforced by nutty school boards who choose this insanity over common sense.  Remember the young boy suspended because, as he was eating toast, once a corner was gone, someone thought it looked like a gun?  Yeah… this is the same nuttiness that dwells among us just look to your left to see it.  There are many articles on the topic, here is a good summary.

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