Yooper Is Now An Official Word!

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Marquette, MIMarch 25, 2014 – Merriam-Webster Recognizes “Yooper”

I guess we’ve made it!  The whole world can now find “Yooper” in the dictionary.  Once considered a derogetory term, (and still considered derogetory by some)… it now is simply defined as “a heartfelt self-description of one in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, past or present.” Or simply “a resident of MIchigan’s Upper Peninsula”.

It has always been my opinion that you had to be a native of the U.P to be a yooper.  Although I have considered this my home, or my second home my entire life… I did not live here until my high school years, so I have always considered myself a Yooper-Wanna-Be.  According to Merriam-Webster, I guess I’m now official.

One thing in my favor… Today with almost a foot of fresh fluffy snow on the ground… I’m still smiling because I think it’s beautiful.  I may be MORE YOOPER than a lot of people – I love it…. even if I’m alone!

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