No Summer Vacation?

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michigan capital

michigan capital

Marquette, MI March 27, 2014 – Year-Round School-Year Proposed

There are many places that utilize a year-round school calendar, and there are good arguments on both sides of the debate.  Some say the long summer vacation causes students to lose much of what they learn through the school year and wastes time when school starts up again.

Michigan House Bill 4295 allows “at risk” school districts to choose a year round calendar if they think it is best for their district.  It is NOT MANDATORY.  Only 4 votes opposed the bill – which makes you think it’s a good idea. Surprisingly, one of those Nay votes was from a teacher, so I am interested in his reasoning.  He is a person I respect, and surely has good reasons for his opposition.

I haven’t spent enough time on this topic to pick  a side yet, but personally, I feel there is more lost than gained in the year round system – but again, that is from a personal and not an academic standpoint.  High school kids working summer jobs full time learn things you can’t learn in school.  Things like showing up to work when you don’t feel like it… saving money for a specific purpose… the opportunity to explore different jobs.

Remember, we’re not talking about more days… only the way the 4 months of vacation are distributed.  I’d like to hear your opinion on this one… join the conversation at

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