Spring Has NOT Sprung!

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Lake Superior Ice

Lake Superior Ice

  1. Marquette, MIApril 1, 2014 – Spring seems like an April Fools Joke on Lake Superior

In my quest to find the most interesting news in the area, I came upon a satellite photo of Lake Superior which shows the lake still almost completely frozen. As of March 31, 2014 Lake Superior is 91% covered. While other Great Lakes are melting quickly, Lake Superior is still holding tight to winter.

No matter the temperature, you’ll still need a parka to take a walk near the lakeshore, and the slightest off-shore breeze will make you shiver. Water temps won’t be swim-able for a long time, and I pity the early morning fishermen who have patiently waited for some springtime fishing.

The surface water temperature graph shows a much colder-than-average spring; but that’s no surprise for any of us who experienced this past winter. Perhaps everyone should leave their cars running to create more global warming?

 Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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