Gun Free Military Bases Now Being Debated

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Marquette, MI April 4, 2014 – How Prophetic Am I?

Yesterday’s rant discussed the policy started in 1993 of disarming our military on base.  Today, everyone is talking about it. As predicted, the gun control nuts are already looking for money from those dim enough to believe their propaganda.

Prior to the disarmament order I find no record of any mass shootings on ANY military base. Since the order there have been plenty. Another perfect government solution: implement a rule that has the opposite effect of what was intended. This time however, it isn’t just money that was wasted… the cost is counted in the lives of innocent victims

This 20-year experiment needs to end now! Fortunately there are clear-thinking legislators who are proposing just that. The question is… are there enough of them?

Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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