Pay Equality Day?

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Marquette, MIApril 8, 2014 – Do Those Calling for Equal Pay Really Mean It?

equal pay

equal pay

The President and many others are out and about calling attention to the fact that on average (depending on how you define average) Women make less than men. The common slogan is “women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes”.  This implies that women doing the same work as a man are not rewarded comparably. That is what the slogan wants you to believe.

As I have said on many occasions… if you have to lie to make your point, your point doesn’t deserve to be made. The “77 cent number” comes from taking total women’s pay and dividing by the number of working women… and doing the same for men. There is no consideration of the type of work, or the number of hours worked, or the years of experience in the calculation.

Using that same criteria… President Obama’s white house only pays women 88 cents for every dollar a man in the white house earns. This from the president who will be breaking his own executive order to pay people equally. I don’t point this out only to show democrat hypocrisy (that’s just a nice bonus). I also use the facts to show how willing left-leaners are to lie to make their points. Honest people expect the same criteria be used when calculating statistics for both sides. If the real numbers were used, there may still be a problem… but those who blindly follow slogans will never know. Not because they CAN’T understand.. but because they don’t WANT to.

Here’s a good place for the president to start… if the people flipping burgers on military bases are earning $10 hourly (due to his executive order)… how about giving a raise to those entering the military so those eating the burgers also earn at least that much? Current rate is FAR below that – and that assumes a 40 hour week (far less than they actually work). All I ask is consistency and Honesty… Fact Equality may lead to Pay Equality… Don’t look left for that!

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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