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UFCW vs Walmart

UFCW vs Walmart

Marquette, MI April 10, 2014 – Why Would Anyone Join This Union?  Oh Yeah…. so they don’t get beat up!

 Remember when Labor Unions represented their members to create a better workplace? Remember when union dues were spent wisely for the benefit of those in the union? I hear those were good days… but they are clearly gone!

Behavior of the United Food & Commercial Workers Union was so bad last November that even Barak Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) had to stop turning a blind eye toward its behavior. Two officials with the United Food and Commercial Workers union allegedly stormed into a Dearborn store’s electronics department with “50 to 80 unknown individuals” and interfered with shoppers and intimidated employees. Eight other protesters, including one man, then barged into the women’s rest room and “coercively interrogated an employee regarding her wages, hours and working conditions,” according to the NLRB complaint released on March 29.”

The NLRB ordered the United Food and Commercial Workers union and OUR Walmart—a worker center the union funds—to cease and desist from “restraining and coercing employees” during protests. Don’t you find it odd that union leaders need a court order to behave properly? If I were paying dues to this group, I’d want my money back… or at least a good explanation of how this behavior is supposed to help me!


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