Thank Goodnes for Global Warming!

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winter storm April 2014

winter storm April 2014

Marquette, MI April 4, 2014 – Imagine How bad this Blizzard would have been WITHOUT Global Warming!

Winter Storm Zelda hit Upper Michigan today with blizzard-like winds and wet & heavy snow that is still coming down. Just imagine how bad it would be if it weren’t for the blessing of “man made global warming”!

 More than the simple annoyance of a spring snowstorm, I am amazed at how quickly people have forgotten to drive in the snow. Our LAST snowstorm was less than 2 weeks ago, but after only a week of bare roads… fools are driving like it’s the first snow of the year.

 Cars in ditches are being passed by lines of sensible cars driving slowly with their lights on – lines that go as far as the eye can see. In case you’re wondering… YES, I STILL THINK IT’S PRETTY! Could it be that I’m not in my right mind after all?


Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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