Fewer IRS Audits This Year?

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IRS Audit

IRS Audit

Marquette, MIApril 16, 2014 – Enforcing Obamacare Outranks Auditing Tax Evaders

 IRS budget cuts may result in fewer audits this year.

The IRS says it may only audit 1% of returns this year.  That should make tax cheats happy… and republicans scared… because if the IRS has to be more selective, you can bet ONLY people who donate to republican causes will be audited (Much like during the 2012 election year).

The budget cut from over 12 billion to just over 11 billion is not the only reason for the lower audit level.  The staff required to enforce Obamacare will shift workers away from investigating tax evaders… and punishing those who can’t afford the democrat health plan.

It must  be fun to be a liberal… If I ever find the time to have that lobotomy, I’ll find out!

Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind (for now)

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