Obamacare – The Gift That Keeps On Taking

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obamacare hurts

obamacare hurts

Marquette, MI April 17, 2014 – No Health Insurance for YOU!

 If you didn’t buy health care during the open enrollment period… you are pretty much out of luck until next October.  In their quest to ruin the lives of the most people possible,the  DEMOCRAT plan known as OBAMACARE prohibits you from buying health insurance if you haven’t already done so.

If you have a “qualifying event” you may be able to purchase health insurance… so if you really need it… get married, get divorced, quit your job… or kick one of your kids out of the house… when you add or lose a dependent the window opens again!

Wasn’t this scam sold under the premise that it would be easier to buy insurance?  And that it would be MORE affordable? Of course it was, but nobody in their RIGHT MIND believed the democrat lies.  Sadly, that is a growing population, and many of the low IQ crowd still think it’s a good thing… and they vote (usually more than once).

Dan Adamini – In the Right Mind

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