Happy Earth Day

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Earth Day

Earth Day

Marquette, MIApril 22, 2014 – Celebrate by Cleaning Up or Protesting… Your Choice!

Today is Earth Day.  The one day each year when liberals actually try to do something good for the planet – as opposed to every other day when they just tell us how evil we are.  Today groups will plant trees and many groups will take the time to walk around neighborhoods and pick up litter & debris.  I admire those who actually do the work rather than simply tell others what to do (especially when they often don’t take their own advice)… You know… Liberals!

It is GOOD to remember that we have a responsibility to respect and use resources wisely. There is a big difference however, between being an environmentalist and being an environmentalist NUT!  We need more of the former and we have too many of the latter.  If you believe that it is better to burn our food for fuel, than to use FUEL  for fuel… you are a bit on the nutty side.  If you tell other people what to do, but do not practice what you preach (insert Al Gore here) You are very much a Hypocritical Nut.

The Earth has been around 4.5 billion years and suffered through much more than we can throw at it.  The only real threat to our planet is the liberal philosophy that will eventually destroy freedom, progress, and yes, the envrironment too.  Who do you think cares more for the planet… a hunter in a blind in the woods or an environmental nut behind a desk in Washington?  As George W. Bush Said… people need to know THEY own the land… If you own the land.. every day is Earth Day!

Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind

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