To Discriminate or Not Discriminate – That Is the Question

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Protest Affirmative Action

Protest Affirmative Action

Marquette, MiApril 23, 2014 – Supreme Court Ruling Says Michigan CAN pass laws to end discrimination

The Supreme Court Tuesday upheld a Michigan Law which ended race discrimination regarding entrance into state colleges.  The 2006 Law (passed by 58% in a ballot initiative) prohibited Publicly-funded Schools from giving preferential treatment to anyone because of their race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.  Sounds like a good law right?

An appellate court ruled that the state did not have the right to pass such a law, and finally the Supreme Court rules that the state indeed DOES have the right.  Hopefully this will cover many other federal over-reaching regulations and bring State Rights more in line with out constitution.  The ruling doesn’t comment on whether or not affirmative action is a good thing… it simply says the state has the power to address these issues.

The entertainment value in this spectacle is in the signs held and comments made by those supporting discrimation – namely race baiters like Al Sharpton & University Professors who claim diversity is needed (but who shut down any conservative voices when they want to speak on campus).  Hypocrisy, while a terrible thing, can be entertaining to watch when done artfully by the best hypocrites on the planet (today’s liberal democrats).  My favorite sign… “End Discrimnation – Keep Affirmative Action”  in other words… “End Discrimination – Discriminate against THAT guy.”  Liberals – Gotta Love ‘em!

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