Property Tax Decision on “Dark Stores” Perplexes Me

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Dark Stores Tax

Dark Stores Tax

Marquette, MIApril 29, 2014 – “Dark Store” Property Tax Defies Logic

 I feel like I’m missing something… some piece of information… something to explain why two courts have made a decision which makes no sense to me. An appellate court upheld a previous ruling that occupied and operating retail stores must be valued as though they are vacant and for sale or so-called “dark stores,” which have been converted to some other use.

 Now I am “all-in” for lower taxes… but I am not on board with pretending something is different than it actually is. A brand new building housing a store IS NOT THE SAME as an empty store in an abandoned lot. Yet two courts now have claimed that they are the same. What Am I missing?

It is hard to keep a business alive in good times; and even harder in the Obama-conomy. I think all of our taxes are too high, and governments often waste too much of what they are given (rephrase that.. of what they TAKE). But no one in their right mind think that a brand new building built to house a business (or a family for that matter) has the same value as an old building that needs to be torn down.

 There must be more to the story because I can’t believe courts have supported the “dark stores” concept twice now. Either way, enjoy the song on the topic by clicking here!

 Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind


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