Is Voter I.D. Racist? Or Just A Really Good idea?

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Voter ID

Voter ID

Marquette, MIApril 30, 2014 – Voter I.D.

It’s election season already, and those who want HONEST ELECTIONS are being attacked by those who want to CHEAT – you know… liberals. Although laws requiring registered voters to identify themselves make perfect sense, and have been upheld in many states, a nutty judge in Wisconsin said requiring voters to produce an ID violates the law by discriminating against minorities. What was that?

A Picture ID is a hardship to minorities? How so, you may ask!

Well, apparently the judge is a racist… just like all the people who oppose voter ID. Do they think minorities don’t take good pictures? Do they think minorities aren’t smart enough to follow their community organizer to a free ID supplier? Are they saying that the same ID card needed to buy an insurance policy, cash a check, or get into a democrat event is too HEAVY for minorities to carry?

Or will they be honest and simply admit that using a voter ID makes it harder to cheat? If honest elections are held, how will liberals get elected in areas where people think for themselves? Believe me, I understand their anger.

But what about those of us who want to have honest elections. We only vote once. Aren’t WE disenfranchised when others are allowed to vote many times? How about this solution… we go to the system used in Afghanistan… Dip your thumb in paint that won’t come off for a week. We’ll use flourescent orange so nobody can claim rasicm against any other color used.

This is a good time to revisit the song “One is a Trivial Number when it’s Time to Vote

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