Fracking Protest Not Well Attended

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Fracking Protest

Fracking Protest

Marquette, MichiganMay 5, 2014 – Lansing Protest Lacks Participants

A Protest against “fracking” last week in Lansing caught my attention… for a couple reasons.

First, because the topic has people blindly following popular slogans with little regard to facts (which is a very common practice with our friends on the left – Not only the environmental extremists). Second because so few people actually attended the protest. I haven’t seen the actual numbers, but a local TV station said “over a dozen” people showed up. I guess once people educate themselves, they are less motivated to protest against things that make sense.

Let’s remember that fracking has been practiced since the 1860s… but entered a new “golden age” in 2003 when it could be done more safely – and it’s getting safer every year. It began in Michigan in the 1950’s. Claims about contaminated drinking water are misleading at best and flat out lies at worst. The one instance of ground contamination documented was not from fracking at all, but from a spill above ground which contaminated a local water supply. The spill is a concern, but it isn’t a problem with fracking itself.

The question we should be asking is this: Why are people on the left so eager to believe things that are NOT TRUE? I understand that it’s easier to simply take someone’s word for something you WANT to believe than to do a little research yourself; but it doesn’t help your cause when you are repeatedly proven wrong. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to hurt their credibility with other liberals – most of them are so embedded in their beliefs that no amount of actual science will sway them. It must be fun to be one of those people… but if it is, shouldn’t they be happier?

Maybe listening to this song (Let’s Frack) will cheer them up… Probably Not!





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