Asian Carp is Now a RACIST Term in Minnesota?

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Asian Carp

Asian Carp

Marquette, Michigan  –  May 6, 2014  –  Calling an Asian Carp an Asian Carp is not Politically Correct

A Legislator in Minnesota is worried that using the term “Asian Carp” to describe the fish known as the Asian Carp may be offensive to people of Asian Descent.  I’m not sure who is MORE nuts in this story… the legislator himself or the clearly dimwitted voters who put him in office… (Guess what party he represents)!

Yes… Democrat John Hoffman of Minnesota definitely needs to “SCALE BACK” the political correctness in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and even more Nutty Liberals.  The DNR in Minnesota unilaterally changed the name of the fish to “Invasive Carp” and the senate also voted to change the name… and that seems to be a LOAD OF CARP!  The state has passed some nutty laws in the past , but this time they are surely “GILL-TY” of losing their collective mind.  They may need to go back to “SCHOOL”.

The Asian Carp is indeed an invasive species, but Asia is where the fish are from… there is nothing racist about the term… and if you think it is race & not geography… you are part of the problem.  For those of you in your right mind… make your favorite fishy pun in the comment section of  I’ll use some of them on the show this Saturday!  Still trying to pick the source song for the matching parody… any suggestions there?  Let’s make you folks a bigger part of the show.  Seize the opportunity and the day… or “CARP-E   DIEM”!  Until then, watch a cool video from Peoria Carp Hunters.


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