Teacher Appreciation Week – Thank You!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Marquette, Michigan May 7, 2014 – Take Time to Thank a Teacher

No matter how old you are, you probably have a teacher who affected your life.  Did you have a teacher who inspired you to follow a certain path?  Did you have a teacher who was simply supportive and helped you get through times that may have been difficult?  Did you have a teacher who was so bad, you still laugh about it with friends?  Teachers have a big impact on all of us, and it does seem appropriate to set aside time to thank them.

Music has a special place in my life, and there are three music teachers I remember well.  My first music teacher in elementary school in Arlington Heights, Illinois was Miss Ramsey.  I can still picture her big blonde hair and the short mini-skirts she wore as she taught us to sing and why the notes were on the page.  Fast forward to High School and Jerome F. Pugsley at Arlington High School had an impact.  I was never one of the best students, but I did enjoy his style.  And of course, my senior year in Marquette, Michigan with Ellen Clement as choral teacher.  The music room was a refuge from all the other stresses of school.

I also had one teacher so bad that I changed my major in college to avoid taking another class from him.  He eventually became department head.  Even he had an impact reminding me that life is NOT dependent on OTHERS nearly as much as it is on our own actions – a lesson we can all learn.  Go to the Facebook page facebook.com/intherightmindmqt and say a public thank you to a teacher who affected you in a good way – keep the bad ones in your own memory – positive is best.  Not a friend of the show? Become one!


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