Coal Ash Finally being Recycled!

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Coal Ash

Coal Ash

Marquette, MIMay 9,2014 – Michigan House Votes To Re-Classify Coal Ash

All four U.P. Representatives co-sponsored a bill to allow the use of coal ash (as many other states have done previously).  A short list of waste products were re-classified to a less hazardous category so they can now be made useful, rather than simply go to landfills.

Although some people are not happy (read that as the wackier environmentalists), most people agree that the use makes sense.  Less waste in landfills and recycling should make the green folks happy, and those of us who consider ourselves environmentally friendly and also  THINKERS see the benefits.

Those who aren’t happy will not become happy until coal is no longer used for anything – including your backyard barbeque.  The question is:  what will we call pot holes once the roads are made of ash?


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