Fountain of Youth… the Vampires Had It Right?

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Mouse Research

Mouse Research

Marquette, MichiganMay 12, 2014 – Blood from Young Mice Rejuvenates Old Mice!

Studies from Stanford University, the University of California (San Francisco), and Harvard Universities seem to indicate that blood transfusions from young mice rejuvenate old mice.  Researchers injected blood from younger mice into older mice to see if it helped brain function.  The older mice seemed to show improved brain function.

We are YEARS away from human trials, but it does seem promising that your blood and plasma donations may actually be the fountain of youth to those older than you.  I wonder if this will be covered by Obamacare?  It makes perfect sense…. take from those who have what you want (younger people with fresher blood) and give it to those you want to help (older people – as long as they vote Democrat).

This would be perfectly consistent with the philosophy of the ACA and all things liberal… take from some, give to others.  It will probably work too, because many liberals I meet have brain function similar to the average research mouse.  And if we improve their brain function, they’ll probably move to the right!


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