Lying is OK in the Obama Administration

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Tim Geitner Book Exposes Dishonest White House

Tim Geitner Book Exposes Dishonest White House

Marquette, MichiganMay 13, 2014 – Where are the HONEST Democrats?

Even as Democrat minions are twisting themselves silly defending the Lies of the Obama Administration over the Benghazi Murders, yet another revelation appears.  Tim Geitner (you remember him, the tax cheat who was our treasury secretary during Obama’s first term) says he was told to say things about the deficit that were not true.

I find it amusing that the same Democrat partiers who erroneously said “Bush Lied – People Died” are now defending ACTUAL LIES by fellow Dems. The hypocrisy is always what bothers me.  If you hold both sides to the same standard – no matter where that standard is- your consistency earns at least some respect.  When you excuse behavior in some and condemn the same behavior in others, YOU ARE NOT A GOOD PERSON!

I meet these people every day and you probably do too.  The only thing that gives the Democrats wiggle room is they generally don’t claim to be good people in the first place, so it is easier to excuse them when they cheat, steal and lie.  At least Geitner (according to his book) didn’t tell the lie himself… he sat squirming as President Obama told the lie about Social Security and the deficit.  Perhaps that’s the best we can expect from the left these days… but I wish we could expect more!


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