Drones in Deer Season

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Marquette, MichiganMay 15, 2014 – Drones to Be Prohibited During Deer Season

Two interesting bills were introduced in the Michigan Legislature this week.  One prohibits the use of drones when hunting deer, and another prohibits the use of drones to harrass hunters.   I have to wonder how big a problem this is, that the legislature feels compelled to address it.

There are already laws making it illegal to harass hunters, so this is simply an extension of that law.  Generally, if someone is doing something LEGAL, you should not be bothering them or trying to stop them… no matter how bad you think it is (voting for a liberal – for instance).  PETA is reported to have plans to use drones to harass hunters, and this seems to be a preemptive move against that practice.

Using a drone to hunt is something I have never heard of.  I’m picturing a model airplane with guns mounted.  Most likely this would be used to scout an area or to drive dear…?  In any case, it will be illegal to use them.  While  some laws make me wonder if the people promoting a “part-time legislature” are right…  these laws make more sense than some I’ve seen come out of Lansing!


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