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Marquette, MIMay 16, 2014 – Inspire Kids to Aim High in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math



 Captain Judy Rice is Flying Around the World – Literally – to spread an encouraging message to kids everywhere.  The words of encouragement for children of ALL AGES to work hard and aim high is one we can all support.  With renewed focus on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math… not only will THEIR future be brighter, but they can make a difference for the whole world.  Some use this message focusing stricly on targeted groups, but the “THINK GLOBAL” message is meant for EVERYONE!

Judy Rice will be my guest on IN THE RIGHT MIND With Dan Adamini This Saturday (May 17, 2014) on at 10:30 EST.  Tune in, and spread the message… Much like the message we discussed a month ago about the new Girl Scout Barbie Patch… We should all encourage our kids to “Be Anything… Do Everything”.  It’s never too late to make a difference in the lives of those we meet.  If it’s too late for you to change careers, you can inspire and encourage others on their path.  That is a message that SHOULD be spread Globally!


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