Election Day – Turn OFF the TV News

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Election Day

Election Day

Marquette, Mi November 4, 2014 – Take a Walk, Watch a Movie – Wait Until the Late News for Election Results

 This may sound funny coming from me, but once you vote today (assuming you’re only voting once) keep the news off until the polls are closed tonight.  The entire day will be spent with talking heads discussing voter turnout and what it means… and trying to hide the fact that we don’t know anything until the results are in.  I am as interested as anyone in the results, but if you don’t gain any new information, from the news – WHY ARE YOU WATCHING? 

A bomb could go off in every major city, and the headline would only reflect its effect on voter turnout.  There will be no real news reported today becuase the elections ARE the big news.  Rightly so… but do you really want to spend your evening listening to other people droning on while waiting for results?  I hope not.

Here are my predi ctions for tomorrow’s headlines:  “Democrats Blame Voter Suppression for Losses”… “Republican Offices Vandalized”… “Reports of Voter Fraud in (you name the place)”… “Every President Loses Ground in Year 6″… and of course my favorite… “Republicans Win – The End Is Near”.  Have a great day… the Presidential race begins tomorrow!


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