Jilbert Dairy-Superior Central Science Olympiad Fund Raiser – 137

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Claire and Anna Ellis couldn't wait to get their ice cream!
Jilbert Dairy-Superior Central Science Olympiad Fund Raiser - 102
There was every topping you could think of
How much can  you fit in one bowl?
MORE toppings!
People filed in from 2-4 p.m.
The Science Olympiad projects were set up in the gym
Donations went towards the State Finals trip
Everyone loved Jilbert's ice cream!
Jilbert Dairy donated all the ice cream for Superior Central's Science Olympiad fund raiser!
The students got to show their projects off all day
Everyone worked so hard!
Setting up their project
Josh Elsenbroek with his Rocks and Minerals project
Greg Seppanen and Jesse Elsenbroek with Mission Impossible
Greg, Jesse and Anna with their project...and their ice cream!
Shirley Kriegel, a Head Coach for Superior Centrals Science Olympiad team, judged the students projects
Everyone gathered to see what the students made
There was some very cool stuff
A gym full of smart kids!
They played for everyone
Henry Hancock working on his helicopter project
Food Science competitors, Emma Carlson and Sarah Lindbeck
Anna Ellis and Megan Happel with their Sounds of Music instruments
Working hard!
What kind would you like?
More sprinkles please!
Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time!
There were so many cool, intricate projects!
Jilber Dairy helping the local community
The kids loved Jilbert Dairy ice cream!
One of the many amazing science projects!