Jilly at the Marquette County Fair for Win the Beef

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Noah Wixtrom of Sands and Emilie Samppala of Marquette.
Emilie’s favorite ice cream is Chocolate! Noah likes Mackinac Island Fudge!

Marquette, MI  –   August 8th, 2013  –  The Marquette County Fair started today and everyone is excited about it!

There are 4-H animal show’s going on all weekend, along with horse shows, live music, rides, games, food and of course Jilbert Dairy Ice Cream!

Jilbert Dairy even sponsored a contest running for Fair Queen!

Marquette County Fair 2013

Jilbert Dairy sash is worn by Emma Hohman of Skandia. Jilbert Dairy is sponsoring Emma for the Fair Queen competition. Her mom Stacy Hohman made the sash.




Don’t forget, Win the Beef is going on Saturday, August 10th, sponsored by Jilbert Dairy, SIR Federal Credit Union and Great Lakes Radio. If you received your invite and free pass to get into the fair, come on down at noon!

You’ll have a chance to win FREE MILK from Jilbert from one year or 1/4 beef from the 4-H kids!

Come on down to the Marquette County Fair!

Marquette County Fair 2013

Keira Bruno and Dixie Grace Meyer of Gwinn have horses at home and they like the fair because it’s really fun and there are a lot of horses and games.
















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