Jump With Jill National Tour Stops In Gladstone Today

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Jump with Jill tour

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Gladstone  –  November 5, 2013  -Jilbert Dairy is excited that The James T. Jones Elementary – Gladstone has been selected as a winning school.  Today, Jump with Jill, the The Nationally-acclaimed rock & roll nutrition show is in Gladstone. It is offered at no cost to selected schools

Hailey McDonell, a Detroit-native who stars as “Jill” in the Michigan Jump with Jill cast says they reach some 18,000 students each tour. “Our goal for our Michigan dairy farmer partnership this year was to make the show accessible for schools that want to make health a part of their educational agenda.” The cast, which also stars Holland-native Devon Watson as “DJ,” travels in a bright orange van with a giant picture of Jill’s face and a blinged out milk jug who prefers to go by his rapper name, Calcium.

Gordon Mielke Sales manager Jilbert Dairy

Gordon Mielke Sales manager Jilbert Dairy will attend the assembly

The James T. Jones Elementary – Gladstone, MI is a local winner for the national tour The rock & roll nutrition show “Jump with Jill” as part of the Drink Milk For Life! Jump with Jill Live Tour of Michigan contest. The full tour roster of winning schools can be seen at www.jumpwithjill.com/we-won.  Jilbert Dairy of Marquette thanks Michigan’s own dairy farmers and milk processors for all they do. The tour stops in Gladstone today as part of a 55 school schedule.

“Dairy is one of easiest and richest ways that kids can get the Calcium they need for strong bones,” says Jilbert & the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. Jill says, “Choose milk instead of a soda and do the Bone Wrap.”
pictures of Jill with kids across Michigan

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