Jilbert Dairy and National Dairy Council To Present “Fuel U.P. in the Dome”

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Gordon Mielke Sales manager Jilbert Dairy

Jilbert Dairy Sales Manager Gordon Mielke hopes this year’s event will be the biggest Fuel Up event ever!

Marquette, Michigan  –  April 25, 2014  –  An exciting NFL Fuel Up event, sponsored by Jilbert Dairy and the National Dairy Council is coming to the NMU Superior Dome in Marquette on Saturday, May 17!

Schools across the area have been asked to choose 4th, 5th and 6th graders to participate in this program. Fuel U.P. is designed to empower youth to make changes at their school that will help them “fuel up” with nutrient-rich foods that may be missing from their diets – low-fat and fat-free milk products, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – and to “get active and play” for 60 minutes each day.

Green Bay Packers Tony Fisher, Dexter McNaab, and Bill Schroeder along with Detroit Lions Luther Ellis and Lomas Brown will be on the field with students from area schools and the coaches and players from NMU and Michigan Tech. Everyone is going to get fired up and fueled up! Jean Blades will be interacting with everyone about nutrition and why healthy kids make healthy choices.

Each person in attendance will receive a special T-shirt, a cinch sack and wrist bands with information inside. Pictures and autographs of the players will also be available. The day will start with healthy snacks at the check-in from 9-9:30 am. If your child was asked to participate, please arrive early! Everyone must be pre-registered!


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