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The 2008 Ford Focus was hit on the drivers side while parked.
LaFayette Collision Center takes care of their clients.
You can see the scratch makes here
The shop has over 90 years of combined work experience.
Call Nick at 226-8686 to bring your vehicle in.
All cleaned up and ready to get back on the road.
You can't see any damage on the rear quarter panel!
The crew did a great job restoring this vehicle.
For professional work, bring your car to LaFayette in Marquette.
Accidents are never fun, but there's no hassle or trouble when you bring your business to LaFayette.
The scratches on the left rear door are completely gone.
If you had an accident, bring your vehicle to LaFayette near Red Lobster in Marquette.
Nick stands behind all of the work done at LaFayette Collision Center.