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Check out some before photos of the damage to Luke Noordyk's pickup truck.
The truck was side swiped by another vehicle on the South End of Dead River Basin.
The damage to the driver's side was significant.
After being side swiped, the damage sustained stretched the full length of the driver's side.
LaFayette Collision Center can work on any model of vehicle!
Bring your vehicle into LaFayette Collision Center in Marquette.
Nick LaFayette showing Luke Noordyk the repairs on the Dodge truck.
All shiny and back to "Like New" condition thanks to LaFayette.
Luke Noordyk and Nick LaFayette with the recently restored Dodge RAM 1500.
Nick and Luke pointing out the repairs to the drivers side of the truck.
Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, whatever your vehicle is, LaFayette can help.
LaFayette restores vehicles to factory condition.
If you get 'RAM'med, bring your vehicle to LaFayette Collision Center.
Call Nick to talk about your repair needs at (906) 226-8686.

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