Mike Carey Talks About Being a Business Man Running For the 38th Michigan State Senate

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Mike Carey at his U.P. Home during a meeting

Mike Carey at his U.P. Home during a meeting

Marquette, MI  –  June 13, 2018  –  Change is important to the people. It is something we are always looking for when assessing candidates before a vote. We want the person who is going to bring change, preserve the Michigan land and culture, protect what is important, promote life in Michigan and bring prosperity to our Great Lakes State. This election, that person is 38th Michigan State Senate Candidate Mike Carey.

Mike Carey is a 6th generation Yooper and long standing business man in the Upper Peninsula. He was built his career by running a successful business where he works and negotiates with people and manages a constantly changing market. His no-nonsense approach will help him identify the issues and actually find answers while politicians are still talking through the problem.

Get to know your candidates before the August 7th primary and make an educated vote. To learn more, visit CareyForSenate.org.

Hear it from Mike Carey directly:

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