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Mikes Rolling Thunder Ishpeming Arctic Cat 370 Repair 10

Mike works on newer snowmobiles as well as vintage sleds.

Ishpeming, Michigan  –  March 11, 2015  –  Look at this beautiful Arctic Cat! You’d think it just came off the showroom floor – a shiny, green hood with fresh looking stickers, nice black skis, a sweet seat.

The thing is, when all gas engines sit around for a season with little to no oil on the pistons, rings and cylinders, they can rust a little and when you start them up again that rust on metal causes scrapes and bad things happen.

That’s why this smart sled owner called Mike.

This is what he’s doing. He’s repairing this Arctic Cat 370 fan cooled 2000. The crank bearing is out, which means the engine is frozen up. It probably got rusty over the summer.

The crank shaft didn’t even turn because of frozen bearings. It’s a nice machine. It took Mike an hour to diagnose the problem, which is well worth the investment. This one will be back on the trail soon. If you need snowmobile repair, call Mike at 485-4881.

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