Custom Fabrication Planned for This Vintage United States Motor Company 25 kW Generator

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Mikes Rolling Thunder 25 kw generator repair Ishpeming 001

Mike’s an expert welder, so he can custom fabricate pieces for your repair project

Ishpeming, MI  –  August 10, 2015 –  No project is too weird for Mike and his dad, John. This is a United States Motor Company generator. It’s a big, old military style generator from just after the war era in the ’50s.

After new points, condenser, plugs and plug wires, this old beast powerhouse still needs a lot of work. Mike’s Rolling Thunder says it needs a fuel pump, a gas tank, a fender welded on, and this thing needs some carb work, too.

Finding parts for this dinosaur of a generator is next to impossible. Good thing Mike’s dad, John, is a parts hound. He can find a needle in a haystack, and Mike is an expert welder who will be able to put this all back together again.

Mike ordered a fuel tank for a ’70s Ford pickup truck – it’s a pretty close to the original fuel tank on this generator. Mike is going to customize the tank a bit, recreating the fill spouts so this tank will fit the generator like a glove.

It won’t be long before Mike gives this old generator a new lease on life with custom fabricated spouts to make filling and dispensing fuel a snap.

If you have an odd repair that needs a custom piece, talk to Mike at Mike’s Rolling Thunder – call 906-485-4881 today!

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