A 2014 Chevy Silverado LTZ Like-New at Newberry Motors in Newberry, Michigan

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David guarantees you’ll like this one

Newberry, MI  –  June 23, 2017  – Newberry Motors is showcasing so many beautiful pre-owned vehicles right now. It’s probably because they’ve sold a boat load of new cars and trucks.  People have traded in locally owned vehicles with 20,000 or 30,000 miles so it still has the new car smell! This means you can now capture a deal of a lifetime with a car or truck that’s just barely broken in!

For example, here’s a Deluxe Chevy LTZ Flex Fuel model. I mean I just saw this vehicle and it’s shiny, like-new, basically without blemish! The owner’s wife putted around town in this luxury pickup truck. As usual, Kevin and David have this priced right, living up to their their promise: “Go East to pay the least”. Newberry Motors – Hurry there’s only 1.

I also chatted with Kevin Venatta about Chevy’s $7,000 off deal right now and a bright red pre-owned honey.

Listen to Kevin and I chat about the great deals from Chevy and Newberry Motors for June