The Snow is Melting at Sands Speedway

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Everyone around the track is waiting patiently on the weather.  The Sun shine this weekend was not only enjoyable but really knocked down the snow.  After the long winter this weekend gave us hope to still have our first practice laps may 11th.  The racers are putting the final touches on their cars  and are itching to get back on the track.

Stan’s personal car is in the shop up on jack stands with just a few little things left. He’s excited to get on the track after watching it be full of snow all winter.

The ticket booth - last week Stan could step over the gate with the snow!

The ticket booth – last week Stan could step over the gate with the snow!

View from the Grandstands

View from the Grandstands

Entrance to the Grand Stands

Entrance to the Grand Stands

Looking across the track from the Pit Entrance

Looking across the track from the Pit Entrance


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  • Adult Season passes are only $92
  • Senior Season passes are only $80
  • Teen Season passes are only $58
  • 12 and under Free


Listen – As we talk about the Snow melting and Racing Classes

On the show this morning we talked about the different classes or categories that we have at Sands Speedway.

Pure stock/4 cycle stock
This class is a great way to get into racing.  “Kick the windows out, and add a roll bar!” Racers as young as 14 have explored their interest in racing at Sands Speedway.  With parental and racing board consent we are happy to get youth behind the wheel.

4 cycle Mod – Mod4
These little 4 cycles aren’t so little – with souped up engines and tweaked suspension, and racing wheels Stand said “These cars are really pretty quick they almost keep up with some of the super stock cars.”

Super Stock
V8s –  full roll cage, racing tires, built motors and additional mods within rules and guidelines.  This is Stan’s Favorite Class!

Late Model
The Biggest baddest class on the track. These cars are built and fast. Crate motors and full mods to the drive train, suspension, and body.

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