Sands Race Track Inching Toward New Race Season!

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Warmer weather has been helping the Sands Township Race Track personal toward their 2013 race season but there is still much work to be done before the first race of the season. Despite the fact that snow has been melting in the area, there is still located on some sections of the track which cancelled the track’s first scheduled practice.

Entrance to the Grand Stands

Entrance to the Grand Stands

In the meantime, there is a scheduled clean up session planned to inspect the track, check for any wash outs anywhere on the track and the need to bring out the portable sweeper to broom off any sandy areas. Another maintenance issue that recently developed was an electrical problem in the pit area. When the power company turned on the power recently at the track, their meter box developed a connection problem that needs to be addressed.

However, the next scheduled practice will be May 18th; cost is $25 per car for drivers wishing to run the track and make necessary adjustments.

Stay tuned – the racers will be starting their engines SOON!!


STAN AND JOE 5-6 First Practice Cancelled




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