Sands Speedway Inching Closer to 1st Practice Run Despite Weekend Snow

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The warmer temperatures during the work week dramatically aided with snow melting to help track personnel prepare for their first practice run scheduled for May 18th. However, the weekend snow flurries probably has racing fans shaking their heads in climate disbelief. Will this snow ever end?

During this past week,however,  power was restored to the pit area at the meter box. Inspecting the track after the snow melt disclosed that there were no major washouts to clean up this season, so that was a break in maintenance time and attention. Winterized water lines are now charged and inspected,Sands Speedway Racing showing the system operating successfully without needing any plumbing attention.

This Saturday, May 18th will hold a two fold function at the track. The season’s first scheduled practice will begin at 10am along with a meeting for track volunteers that plan to help out this season. Sands Speedway usually requires 17 volunteers to run a successful season covering all needed work positions. If anyone is interested in assisting this season, contact Stan at 249-9626 or 250-6439. You can also drop a message on their Facebook page or come to the meeting at the track this Saturday!



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