Sands Racing Heats UP For Another Week

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With over 35 cars entered last Saturday for racing at Sands Speedway, the fans viewed a lot of close racing with the competition heating up along with the weather. Division points are are still close, no major changes with any of the drivers in the standings.

The 2013 season is just over half way mark – next week’s sponsor’s will be Napa Auto Parts. The Napa Boys will be handing out freebies at the track next week, come out on the 20th and see great racing action.

Hot weather conditions can make the track’s traction conditions quite slippery when the asphalt heats up. One of the driving restrictions is that all the drivers race on the same type of recapped tires to level the racing field. However, when the asphalt gets hots, the tires do slip and slide on the track, so attention to conditions must be noticed.


Four different classes, twelve different races – there’s racing action at Sands Speedway – Come on out!



Sands Speedway 7-15


7-13-2013 Sands Speedway Results



Fastest Times:



Purestock – #21 Collin Cavin – Marquette, MI 18.503



4 cyl Modifieds – #17 Ross Olsen Jr. – Sands, MI 17.169



Super Stock – #23x Chris Lucas – Beaver Grove, MI 16.509



Late Model – #15w Brett Widdis – Manistique, MI 15.379








Heat: #7 Doug Maki – Perkins, MI



#69 Joe Holm – Gwinn, MI



#21 Collin Cavin – Marquette, MI



Feature: #21 Collin Cavin – Marquette, MI



#7 Doug Maki – Perkins, MI



#36 Wyatt Goodwin – Marquette, MI





4 Cyl Modified:



Heat: #16 Todd Maki – Sands, MI



#17 Ross Olsen Jr. – Sands, MI



#18 Aaron Sprowl – Skandia, MI



Feature:#18 Aaron Sprowl – Skandia, MI



#16 Todd Maki – Sands, MI



#92.5 Jeremy Yelle – Gwinn, MI





Super Stock:



Heat 1 – #16 Mike Stanchina – Norway, MI



#24 Shane Miller – Negaunee, MI



#2 Austin Cayer – Escanba, MI



Heat 2 – # 64 Stan Wittler – Marquette, MI



#22p Steve Pepin – Escanaba, MI



#84 Darryl Wirkula – Sands, MI



Feature – #91 Todd Yelle – Gwinn, MI



#29 Ross Olsen Sr. – Sands, MI



#22p Steve Pepin – Escanaba, MI





Late Model:



Heat – #15w – Brett Widdis – Manistique, MI



#93 – Allan Yelle – Gwinn, MI



#46 – Rob Goodwin – Marquette, MI



Feature – #15w – Brett Widdis – Manistique, MI



#46- Rob Goodwin – Marquette, MI



#36 – Darryl Britton – Marquette, MI


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  1. Kid’s Day is July 27th!!! Please come out and help us celebrate. Two bikes with helmets will be given away!

    Tina M.
    July 16, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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